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Log Home Packages

Thanks, you show an interest in finding out how we are better than the rest, and why.

* First and foremost, we work quickly and efficiently on your project. We start with a plan you like, modify it to your liking (yours or ours), and price it to fit your budget. We design every home, bid it, package and ship it in weeks, not seasons. We have the lowest price you will find. Period.

* Second, our logs are the finest on the market. Our logs are forest fire killed, where super heat sucks the moisture out of the tree. They are fully checked, so your stain can actually penetrate and this lowers maintenance by thousands, basically the same as a framed home. Our logs are hard, DRY, they have twisted, they basically are done moving. They come from an alpine low rain area in Montana, so they grow slowly, making them harder than most logs in general. We use Engleman Spruce and Lodgepole pine, as they grow on a high alpine slope, and have tight growth rings, so they are dense, and perform best in your log home. The area they grow in can be 100 in the summer, and 30 below in the winter, and the wind always blows, so they are a much stronger log than a fast growth, high rain log even from our local valley. We have fir, larch, and cedar logs in the area for the same cost, but we have found the memory of the dry logs to stay in the wall and not move, the strength, the stain-ability, the look, the overall performance for construction and longevity to be superior, so we stick with the best, and don’t care what other companies tout. We turn the wall logs on a computer controlled lathe, cope them, notch them and flat cut them exactly as needed per your plan. We hand peel them so they look handcrafted, but do not have the huge problems associated with all handcrafted homes. They are light, as the package weighs tons less, bad moisture gone, and easier to set up (less tiring too). They also have ribbons of color into their blonde overall color, as the tree was burned or killed by heat (bark only) and they are amazingly beautiful as a result. We use huge character logs for the posts and ridges, and railing posts, and we customize the amount of character and size of these big logs to your taste, and at no cost. Some customers even fly here and pick these big “trees” for the centerpiece of their homes, no charge.

* Third, we are debt free, have grown two and three fold for the last 9 years, and are the leaders in the industry with the strongest, best designs, at wholesale prices. We don’t have huge overhead. Our mills in Montana don’t have big signs, they are wood and steel buildings and all business. Our two design offices in Montana and Idaho are efficiently run from home offices, and handle huge volumes because of our efficient business model, ship direct to you approach, and our in house designers can customize easily exactly what you want at NO CHARGE. Our component suppliers are tried and true. They deliver. Instead of beating our chest with an expensive demo, fancy huge offices and the like, our customers can talk first hand with designers and builders, as well as homeowners in the area, and see homes in progress, a real measure of our integrity, and it saves you big bucks.

* We treat our customers as we would like to be treated. Our references will attest. We want to please everyone, and keep communication open. Ideas that improve our product, make it stronger, a faster build, or cheaper are rewarded monetarily, and we update our construction guide with the latest in design and technology. Our log home construction guide is the best in the industry. Our guide is full color, 3d images, photos and complete, easy to follow directions that a seasoned builder or a homeowner who has never built before can do as well. We have had engineers tell us they have never seen anything like it. Our competitors (major log home companies), have tried to steal it out of our booth at an international log home show, and two to be exact. They knew what they were looking at.

Log Home Packages

* We work with the banks and mortgage companies to streamline and speed the process, saving hours and days of your time. We work with local builders to help them in keeping the price down, and subs too, answering questions and eliminating over bidding. Basically, we are a full service log company who can and will help you through the whole process, whether you are a millionaire and this is just a second or third home, or this is your first small home and you are a new couple and don’t know where to start. We also cater to the do-it-yourselfer, as well as the builder who needs help doing his first log home. We have a toll free tech line open with a general contractor on the other end. We make it easy. Lazarus Log Homes is the best log home company for high quality, low prices, and fast service.


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