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You have found us! We have he highest quality, lowest prices on log homes that are complete, fully designed (with help by you), custom to your liking in every way, and we provide complete plans, with approval plansets for the banks, turn key estimates they need to fund, or if you have cash, you see what you want and the estimates on every type of labor before you spend one dime on your log home package.

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Lazarus Log Homes
Log homes are not created equal. You need the best type of log wall, the lowest price log home kits, the biggest character log posts to accent the log home, and you need the information that helps you make a good decision, not a sales job trying to sell you a log home they they want to sell, not one you want. We design each log home custom to our customer. We design it around the log home budget for your property, in your area. Each one is unique, so the cookie cutter plan never works for us, or for you. We want the log home package sale to be successful, right up to when you move in. This is not rocket science, but easy in the respect that if you do things right, keep trying to improve, learn from mistakes of others, and yourself, you can offer the very best in materials, the driest, lowest maintenance product, the strongest log home wall and structure with massive character logs, beautiful floors and ceilings, as well as wood trim, customized, and do it quickly, efficiently, and all from a debt free company based in Montana, where steep mountains, low humidity, high elevation, and less rain, produce the best trees in the world. Short growing seasons mean tight growth rings, stronger wood with less memory, and we choose the very best wood in our market, or any market for that matter.

Log homes from Lazarus feature a full structural package, basically starting from the concrete, with everything from the sill seal to the roof sheathing, final flooring, trim, windows, doors, decks, railing, basically what you see here. We choose to let you pick up the roofing, as it is not made here in Montana, and we can’t get it to you cheaper than most can buy it (except if you are in Canada). On the inside, you can see the quality of what we have. No log home company out there can provide our accuracy either, with our large log lathe capable of finishing a log to the ten thousandth of an inch, repeatedly. We hand finish all logs too, so you get th accuracy of the machine, the finish of the hand peeled look, and the mass you need on the accent and structural character logs that only our company offers. You can’t buy this type of character anywhere. Only the old, windswept ridges around here are where they grow, and we buy all we can, and have no competition for that log home product. Log homes are not created equal, and the best log home in the log home industry, is made by Lazarus. Click around, check out our log home prices, our log home materials, and see that we have not only the cheapest log homes, the best log homes, but also the best looking log homes out there!

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Here one of our log home customers is installing his log home kitchen cabinets , and it is already starting to take shape. Most log homes are a combination of log walls, and log structure, but have framed walls inside for wiring, etc. Here this customer installed our T&G wall material not only on his interior walls, but also in-between cabinets over the log walls in the kitchen. Have it your way on your log homes package from Lazarus!













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